ITC MA Fashion Show 22 — THEN NOW META





We create a concept that not only represents the diverse collective of students work, but also is a response to our world and varying notions. The visual expression of each show is meticulously considered and explored. We aim to create something that is a memorable user experience.

Is represented by a Barrier Grid technique that is on the front and back cover of the brochure. The transparent sleeve has a black stripe overlay. As the brochure is removed the image becomes an animation. 

The sleek silver mirrored paper and contemporary graphics and minimal layout, are very much in keeping with the now. 

The brochure has an AR feature, when scanned the cover, a abstract static image will become a digital 3D motion graphic.

Client: Ma Fashion & Textile Design in HK PolyU
Creative Direction: Allan Fan, Poe Cheung
Graphic Design: Hazan Yeung
Printing Production: L Force Printings Co.Ltd
Portfolio Photography: Mui Cheuk Nam

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