​​​​​​​「PLAY&DISPLAY」是由香港理工大學設計學院的物料資源中心策劃手袋設計比賽和展覽,“PLAY” 是比賽的主題,以白色空間和錯視結構的手袋,示意同學們可盡情玩這個物料和袋結合的比賽。“DISPLAY” 作為比賽延續,以黑色和結構緊密的線條,示意當設計成形後,學生們便要了解在生產過程中的各種細節。主視覺合拼後是錯視結構的手袋延續出展覽場地的平面空間,希望學生們能夠在框架下不斷創新和突破,而展覽除了能展示同學的作品,更能讓觀眾了解物料對設計的重要性。

"PLAY&DISPLAY" is a bag design competition and exhibition organised by Materials Resource Centre from School of Design The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. "PLAY" is the theme of the competition, the white space and the illusion of the bag indicate that students can enjoy playing this material and bag combination game. "DISPLAY" is a continuation of the game, with black and tightly structured lines, indicating that when the design is formed, students need to understand the details of the production process. After the key visual combination, the bag with the wrong structure continues the plane space of the exhibition venue. It is hoped that the students can continue to innovate and break through the framework. In addition to showing the works of the students, the exhibition will let the audience understand the importance of materials to the design.

Client: Materials Resource Centre, School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Graphic Design: Fan Shui Lun
Exhibition Design: Fan Shui Lun
Photography: Ng Cho Yiu Seewhy